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Golden world retreat center 

The Brahma Kumaris campus at ‘Golden world retreat center – Academy for a higher learning’ in Gwalior is an extended endeavor towards the process of ‘Creating Better People for Better Tomorrow’.
The Auditorium facilitates well-organized seminars, conferences, conventions, cultural events on socio-spiritual themes.


​Its salient features include:
Auditorium is designed in spherical farm with seating capacity 500.
Spiritual art gallery is also in spherical farm  with 108 statues divided in 14 sections.•  Pollution free atmosphere

• Superior Visual Projection
• Laser show Presantation – seating capacity 200

• Elite Stage Platform for cultural events

• Dining hall for 200

• Heart Touching Ambience,

• Impressive Interiors
•  PCP center for value education

• Surrounded by beautiful flowers and gardens

• Fire Safety System ,

• Power Backup.


The Academy has good training facilities with ample space to accomodate different types of training. 
The facilities available are1. Training hall –
•   2 seminar halls – 100 capacity
•   1 seminar hall – 150 capacity
•   Integrated sound system
•   Projector / flipchart / white board etc. facility
2. Convenient accommodation rooms with attached bathrooms.
3. Kitchen (In-house cooked sattwic vegetarian food)
4. Dining facility for 200
5.  Medical Support
6. Ample Parking space
7. Delightful gardens, beautiful landscapes etc
8. Exclusive Meditation room
9. Counseling / reading facility
10. Literature / Audio –visual counters

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